We greatly value referrals to opportunities. To recognise and reward successful recommendations and referrals, Bowen Bowen Ltd provides a 'Referral Bonus' for recommendations that lead to a successful purchase as follows:
• £100 (UK)

The following terms and conditions apply and are accepted by anyone participating in the scheme or referring potential properties/ land to Bowen Bowen Ltd:

1 - All property referrals and proof of referral must be made in writing to Bowen Bowen Ltd by the person referring before identified to Bowen Bowen Ltd through other sources. This will be managed via a dated tracker managed by Bowen Bowen Ltd.

2 - Only those referrals that result in a completed purchase
of land or property will qualify for the bonus.

3 - Any potential land or property referred to Bowen Bowen Ltd must be purchased by Bowen Bowen Ltd
within 1 year of the referral date.

4 - The referral bonus is paid once Bowen Bowen have completed the purchase of the land or property referred. No bonus is payable if the purchase is not completed or is terminated for any reason.

5 - The offer is not open to a property or piece of land Bowen Bowen Ltd have prior knowledge of.

6 - There are no limits to the number of referrals that can be made.

7 - Information supplied will only be used in accordance with this scheme and not passed to any third parties.

8 - Bowen Bowen Ltd reserves the right to amend, modify, cancel or withdraw the "Refer a Property" scheme at any time and without notice.

9 - Bowen Bowen Ltd shall not be liable for any losses or damages that may result from entering the "Refer a Property" scheme.

10 - All information received by Bowen Bowen Ltd is taken in good faith and on the understanding from the person referring that they are authorised to pass the information which will be free from any intellectual property claims.

11 - The referral scheme is open until 1st July 2018.

12 - The bonus is paid as a gross payment and will be paid by cheque or bank transfer. The recipient accepts any tax liability and agrees to pay any tax arising from receiving the bonus payment.